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Doors and entrance groups of glass

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From 10 000 MDL

From 10 000 MDL

From 10 000 MDL

From 10 000 MDL

Glass interior doors in Moldova

A glass interior door in a frame or without a frame is a new compromise between tradition and modern design. Such a box is made from a light but durable aluminum profile of a certain design, it is mounted directly into the doorway with dowels, and all visible fixings are closed with a decorative casing.
For the manufacture of our doors, we use various materials and design solutions. Your new door can be different - transparent, matte, tinted or colorless, in either case, it will create a lot of light and additional space in your room. Doors can be ordered from tinted glass or coated with a special film. If you want the door to be opaque, we advise you to buy a glass door fully frosted or by design, or simply frosted glass called satin. Nowadays, glass doors are a beautiful, stylish and convenient design solution.
The glass door is very easy to care for! If the installation was done correctly, all you need to do is regularly treat the glass sheet with glass cleaner and polish the fittings.

Another important advantage of an interior door in a frame is sound insulation provided by a rubber seal.

Prices for interior doors may vary, our experts will help you choose the best option that meets your needs.
We also carry out measurements not only in Chisinau, but also outside it.


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