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The wall mirror is a classic option for residential and commercial spaces. Such models enliven the interior, can be additionally decorated, do not take up much space. When choosing a mirror for the bathroom and bedroom, pay attention to the characteristics of the product. They depend on quality and cost.

Criteria influencing the choice

If you are considering buying a beautiful mirror for your residential or commercial space, consider the following factors:

Coating. Choose amalgam (silver oxide). The product has improved reflective properties, durable and strong compared to aluminum counterparts.
Thickness. Optimum indicator: 6-10 millimeters.
Dimensions. Large and wide models of full-length wall mirrors are suitable for hallways, including those with low ceilings, as well as for well-lit bedrooms.
Framing. It is not the mirror coating itself that is responsible for beauty, but the framing element. It should match the style of the room.


The products are universal. You can create mirrors of any shape: square, round, triangular, polygonal, oval, rectangular, as well as large full-length canvases. Models lend themselves to faceting, which allows you to make interesting stained glass products. The presence of a frame for mirrors is a plus for the buyer. She decorates:

  • patterns and ornaments;
  • different colors;
  • built-in backlight;
  • inscriptions, drawings, images.

An important plus of wall mirrors is a small probability of force majeure. We make structures that, as a rule, do not break. In case of mechanical damage, they do not crumble into small fragments. Only an absurd accident can damage the structure, unlike, for example, floor products. By hanging a mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, you can visually expand the space. A convenient option for small hallways and corridors. You can also take several models and place them in different places, creating a great play of light.

At DiVetro you can buy large canvases of any design that will be beautifully combined with the interior and furniture in the room. We deliver and install mirrors so you don't have to worry about anything.

Mirrors on the wall are a practical and ergonomic option. With our canvases you will get a good clear reflection in the mirror without distortion and blur. A properly selected model will help not only decorate the bathroom or bedroom, but also adjust the space, hide wall defects after repair.

The wall mirror can be installed in any room. In a small room - a bathroom, a corridor, it is better to choose small canvases that will organically fit into a cramped space. In the spacious living room, bedroom, large full-length floor paintings are suitable. We frame large rectangular canvases in metal frames of any color.

For wall mirrors, you can choose any backlight: functional or decorative. The LED strip under the matte surface will gently diffuse the light without dazzling.

When choosing inexpensive mirrors for your home, pay attention to the following features:

  • what task does the mirror have, what effect do you want to achieve;
  • its shape is a circle, oval, square, non-standard shapes;
  • with or without illumination;
  • framed or not;
  • style.

To order a mirror in a frame, place an order for measurement, call us at the phone number listed in the contacts or leave a request online.

Need help choosing wall mirrors? To do this, just contact our specialists, and we will select the appropriate type of construction, draw up a project, and also tell you about the rules of delivery and payment.


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