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Glass shower cabins and partitions in Moldova.

One of the best solutions for modern bathroom designs is glass shower enclosures. Glass becomes not only a wonderful interior element, convenient to use and aesthetic, but also preserves the space of the bathroom, which is often small. As an alternative to the glass cabin, you can order a glass partition that perfectly replaces the fabric curtain in the shower.

The convenience and practicality of glass shower cabins can hardly be overestimated. With the help of special products, it is easy to remove any dirt from the glass, fungus and mold will not start on glass surfaces, which very often becomes a problem in any bathroom.

The variety of options for shower enclosures is astounding. You can buy both the classic rectangular version and the original and unusual radius design. You can choose between swing and sliding door systems, as well as glass designs. A shower cubicle or partition can be made of transparent glass, tinted glass of various colors, frosted glass or with a special satin film applied.

Showers and glass partitions are very safe, as we use durable tempered glass, up to 10 mm thick, and can rival automotive glass in terms of its strength characteristics. Tempered glass breaks into many small fragments that cannot harm you.

Prices for shower cabins are calculated from a variety of parameters, so our specialists will advise you and help you choose the best option for you, both in terms of price and according to your needs.

Our technical specialists come to you to take measurements in Chisinau and beyond.


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