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Doors and entrance groups of glass

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Glass sliding doors in Moldova

Glass is widely used in modern design for zoning rooms with doors and partitions. Glass sliding doors will not only be an effective interior solution, but also a correct and ergonomic way to save space.
Such a door is installed on special rails made of durable aluminum profiles and, when opened, simply slides to the side parallel to the wall or other glass segment. Sliding doors can be made of clear glass, it can be matte or mirrored, we can also print on it according to your design using sandblast printing.

Sliding doors are a versatile choice for the interior due to their design. They are perfect for rooms with large doorways, and despite the large door leaf, they will always open easily and smoothly without much effort. Doors with a sliding system are comfortable and safe to use, the material is very durable and, if properly cared for, will keep the appearance fresh and presentable.

We manufacture sliding doors according to individual dimensions and taking into account your wishes. You can buy doors from us and do not worry about installing it.

Prices for interior doors may vary, our experts will help you choose and order the best option that meets your needs.
We also take measurements not only in Chisinau, but also outside the city.


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