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Glass doors in Moldova

There is the easiest way to increase the space of a room and fill it with light and air. To visually expand the space, you just need to install glass doors! It does not matter what the glass will be - transparent, matte, tinted or colorless, such a door will add a lot of light to the room and visually expand the boundaries. In addition, the glass door is a modern design, beautiful and stylish appearance.

The advantage of glass doors is the amount of imagination they give. You can order doors made of transparent glass, tinted in bulk or pasted over with a special film. If you want the door to be opaque, we advise you to buy a fully frosted glass door or by design, or simply frosted glass called satin.

Glass doors are very easy to maintain! With the correct installation of the door, all the hassle of caring for it is the regular processing of the glass sheet with a glass cleaner and polishing the fittings.

Don't worry about safety for yourself and your family! Our glass doors are made of high quality tempered glass, which has high resistance to mechanical stress and increased strength. When broken, it splits into small fragments that will not cause serious damage.

Glass doors can vary in price, but you can always find the one that suits your budget. Our experts will help you understand the variety of options and choose the door that meets your needs.

We carry out measurements at the door installation site in Chisinau, as well as outside the city.


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