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Doors and entrance groups of glass

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Glass pendulum doors in Moldova

The swing door is recommended to be installed in high traffic areas. Swing door leaves open in both directions, do not create additional noise and do not interfere with the work of people inside and outside. Due to the design features, such a door can withstand frequent openings and closings, and the closer fixes it in a half-open position.

If you want to order a glass pendulum door, you can choose from a variety of door leaf designs. A glass door can be transparent or tinted, matte or glossy, with your company logo or other information sandblasted. Such a variety of design methods allows you to embody your individual style and approach in design, and high quality door fittings not only guarantee the reliable operation of the door, but also give a respectable appearance to your office or store.

Tempered glass sliding doors are the best and safest option. Tempered glass breaks into many small particles that cannot harm you.

We install swing doors according to your individual dimensions and taking into account your wishes. You can buy doors from us and not worry about its further installation process.

Our experts will help you calculate the prices for swing doors, they will also offer you the best option that meets your needs.
We also take measurements not only in Chisinau, but also outside the city.


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