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Pergola roofs in Moldova

Owners of summer cottages, country houses or cafes and restaurants with summer terraces often ask themselves the question "How to decorate their territory, while not losing the amount of sunlight, and also to protect themselves from precipitation?" The answer to this question can be unusual structures called pergolas.

Pergola roofs are a set of arches and transverse fastenings made of metal, covered with glass or PVC fabric, resistant to bending and folding, waterproof and durable. Pergola structures offer a wide variety of models that are distinguished by their visual appeal. You can order automated systems with retractable awnings, or buy a fixed structure. Choose a pergola that meets your requirements, matching the design, color and texture of the materials.

Pergola systems provide stylish yet effective sun protection. In addition, it can become a transition from house to street.

Our experts will help you order a pergola suitable for your project. Prices for such structures are calculated based on many factors such as height, area, material and model. Engineers of our company leave for measurements and design in Chisinau and outside the city.


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