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Welcome to DiVetro - a company where the product we sell is as reliable, durable and safe as working with us.

DiVetro® is a trademark of the Bertam Grup company in Moldova, which is the official representative of the Paritet Company, the leader in the translucent structures industry in the south of Ukraine.
Our team consists of honest and hardworking people who are happy to do their job.
We truly believe in our product and want your life to be better, and the conditions of your life and work to bring you joy.

In the market for glass and metal structures, our company has a reputation as a reliable and conscientious partner. Our principles are the foundation of everything we do.

We believe in the value and importance of a person in any business.

Each of our employees is primarily a personality, distinguished not only by a high level of professional training, but also having a unique character, approach to the presentation of our services and the temperament of communication.
In DiVetro, you will not find robots dumping scripted answers at you and similar to each other in all aspects of their work.

We believe in the quality of our product.

For 13 years we have seen how the projects implemented in cooperation with DiVetro remain in excellent condition. High quality materials, responsible approach to design and installation are the reasons for the durability of our products. You will not have to update and repair the structures made by us if they are used correctly. We do it once and for a long time.

We fulfill our obligations.

In business, it is very important to be confident in your partners. Construction is, first of all, terms. Failure to comply with time obligations in the execution of the order creates a lot of inconvenience for any contractor.
You will not be in a state of anxiety and uncertainty about the timeliness of your order from DiVetro. Believe me, our approach to work organization allows us to control any deadlines.

We are always looking for ways to improve our work.

Throughout the existence of our company, we have tirelessly followed and applied the latest trends in business. Process automation and digital order processing are no less important to us than the development of team members, thanks to trainings and modern motivations. In our office, you will not be overwhelmed with papers for signature, but will create a convenient offer in electronic format, help you not only choose glass, but also visualize your ideas into specific images. There is a design department for you, which can develop an interior solution for you, draw a volumetric and photorealistic picture, before you finally decide on your preferences.

Under the DiVetro® brand we offer to your attention the manufacture of a full range of tempered and architectural glass products, made in accordance with the latest world trends in design and construction technologies, as well as shower cabins in Moldova, glass doors, glass partitions, glass fences, glass aprons and much more.

We do business with a human face!

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