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Glass for the kitchen in Moldova

The interior and specificity of the kitchen creates many opportunities for the use of glass, for example, glass aprons, countertops, beautiful facades and bar counters - without all this it is already hard to imagine a modern kitchen.
You can decorate your kitchen with tinted glass, create the most incredible patterns and color combinations, apply whole pictures to glass by photo printing.
You can buy kitchen aprons and fronts, not only straight, but also made of curved glass. With the help of modern technology and the bending process, you will give your kitchen a pleasant flowing shape.
In addition to the above methods, you can decorate the glass with engraving. Also consider ordering frosted glass. Glass surfaces are very easy to maintain - you just need to regularly wipe them down with a variety of glass care products.
The glass we use is tempered, it is not only completely safe but also will serve you for many years. Regardless of whether it is transparent or colored, it will not be subject to scratches or abrasions and will retain its color even in high humidity, hot steam and other kitchen conditions.
Our experts will help you find out the prices, and also design the desired product based on your wishes. We work in Chisinau and outside the city.


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