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Facade glazing is a unique opportunity to express the individuality of a building and ensure its protection from adverse climatic conditions. In our work, we use only the most modern and high-quality technologies and equipment, which allows us to draw up a project taking into account the technical features of the building, terrain and climate.

Facade glazing in Moldova is the most profitable and popular type of finishing work in modern construction for objects of any purpose. This type of work protects buildings from adverse climatic conditions, and in addition creates an unusual style in any interior. In addition, thanks to glass facades, the space in the building visually increases, which saves on lighting and electricity.

For front glazing, a post-transom profile system made of aluminum is used. This type of glazing helps create new creative ideas in the work of architects and designers to create modern interiors. As a result, it is possible to create original and durable systems that are distinguished by the greatest transparency due to the minimum thickness of the profiles used. On the market of external finishing works in Moldova, the company "Divetro" occupies a leading position in the assembly and installation of facade glazing.

Glazing of facades in Chisinau has gained wide popularity lately in exterior finishing works on glazing of residential and country houses, shops, panoramic views of shopping centers, cottages and balconies. Such a creative approach to creating a stylish interior made it possible to transform the external facades of office buildings and retail space, which is the main advantage in attracting customers in any business. Indeed, the success of any business depends on the appearance of a commercial building.

Before the installation work on the glazing of the facades, the employees of our company carry out initial preparatory work, which includes the study of technical and other details of the facade, the study of the terrain and the purpose of the building, taking into account all the important conditions, risks and workload associated with natural and other factors.

In our work, we use only modern and high-quality equipment, which allows us to accurately and correctly draw up a project for glazing the facade and establish a suitable view for installation.


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