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Structural glazing in Chisinau and all of Moldova

The structural system is rightfully considered to be the most advanced among other methods of facade glazing, because it uses only modern engineering achievements. This glazing system results in an impressive continuous glass surface with no visible fixings or clamps on the outside.
Special structural insulating glass units are attached with heavy-duty glue to the load-bearing parts of the façade system, and as a result, the profiles are visible only from the inside.
The structural façade is not only in keeping with fashion and aesthetics of appearance, but also impressive technical advantages. They provide excellent thermal insulation, guarantee a long service life and are the benchmark for airtightness in façade glazing.
You can integrate any door system into your structural façade, and the windows represent special sashes in the façade structure that allow natural ventilation and ventilation of the room.
Before buying a material, we recommend that you consult with our specialists, they will help you choose the glass light based on the color of the connecting hermetic material, which can be black, white and gray.
You can order the design of such a facade from our company. We develop the technical project you need for the correct and high-quality installation of facade glazing.


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