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Shower cabins and partitions for bathtubs

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Glass partitions for shower cabins in Moldova.

In some cases, a full-fledged shower stall is not so necessary. Instead, you can buy a shower screen that will only brighten up your bathroom with its minimalist design. The partition replaces the curtain familiar to everyone and protects the room from splashes from the part where the shower is located. This solution is perfect not only for your apartment, but also for public places such as swimming pools, fitness clubs and a water park.
The shower screen saves space and creates a pleasant visual experience of the room. You can order a partition made in frosted or transparent glass of various shades from us. The fixing of such a system takes place by means of special aluminum profiles in the floor, or by types of fixings between the wall and the glass.
If you want to use the bathroom as a shower, we offer you another solution - install a glass curtain on it! It can consist of one or two sections with an opening element. If your bathroom is spacious enough, you can order a spectacular curtain from several sections sliding from the center.
The glass partition is easy to maintain. Glass does not absorb fungus and mold does not eat into it; any contamination can also be easily removed using various cleaning agents.
Tempered glass has amazing strength, and breaks into many fragments, which are almost impossible to cut.
Our specialists will help you calculate the prices for partitions, in addition, they will provide you with advice and help you choose the best option for you, both in terms of price and according to your needs.
Our technical specialists come to you to take measurements in Chisinau and outside the city.


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