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Shower cabins and partitions for bathtubs

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Glass shower cabins with sliding door Moldova.

Cabins of this type are suitable for small showers, where there is no additional space for opening the sash outward. The sliding door system is very convenient and reliable. You can buy a shower cabin from us made of transparent glass, glass with tinted glass of various colors, frosted glass or with a special film such as satin. The popularity of the sliding door system has created a wide range of fittings that allow you to create a unique style based on the design and interior of your bathroom.
The suspended doors in the sliding cab are mounted on a special track and rigidly fixed to adjacent walls, which ensures a reliable and smooth ride.
Glass showers are easy to maintain. Glass does not absorb fungus and mold does not eat into it, and any contamination can be easily removed from it using various cleaning agents.
Our glass has a number of advantages and safety is one of the main ones. Tempered glass has amazing strength, and breaks into many fragments, which are almost impossible to cut.
Prices for shower cabins are calculated from a variety of parameters, so our specialists will provide you with advice and help you choose and order the best option for you, both in terms of price and according to your needs. Also, when planning, we recommend that you take into account that the door should open exclusively outward.
Our technical specialists come to you to take measurements in Chisinau and outside the city.


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