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Partitions and windows from glass

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From 3 600 MDL

Sliding partitions in Moldova

Convertible glass partitions are a modern way of organizing spaces in rooms. Make the most of your existing workspaces and spaces! The canvas of the mobile partition can be stowed into the parking zone at any time, completely changing the partitioned space.
Mobile partitions are good to use as a shop window or as office walls. A mobile partition with a parking system can be used to organize a time zone for negotiations, or a workplace. If necessary, simply fold the sections into a dedicated parking area, turning the room into a spacious hall for a large number of people. As a result, much smaller office space is needed to solve business problems.
This is how such a structure works - glass canvases walk along a special guide rail attached to the ceiling. This technical solution makes it possible to abandon the guides in the floor that collect dirt and are sometimes dangerous for humans.
You can order a glass sheet in various designs, it can be transparent, matte or with any color tinted. Also from us you can buy various accessories that are suitable for your particular interior.
Our experts will help you find out the prices for mobile structures, as well as make measurements both in Chisinau and outside the city.


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