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Partitions and windows from glass

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From 10 000 MDL

Stationary glass partitions in Moldova.

Glass partitions are an important and sometimes even necessary part of your interior. They are the perfect solution for organizing any living or working space, meeting all the needs of the premises. Partitions have found all applications mainly in office or administrative premises.

The partition can become the basis for the convenience and comfort of any office, functionally dividing the open space, creating separate rooms for an employee or a whole department! You can visibly influence the working comfort of your employees, the style of your office or organization, as well as the overall experience of your clients visiting it. You can regulate the flow of your customers, avoiding the involuntary waste of time in your internal processes, thereby directly affecting the quality of the entire enterprise.

A wide selection of materials and a variety of components, as well as new technologies in production, provide almost unlimited possibilities in the design of partitions!

If your partition is made up of large glass parts, we recommend that these elements are visibly marked. It can be an ornament of any design at a height of 1 to 2 meters.

Before ordering and buying materials for your partitions, you should decide on the purpose and tasks that you face.

Our specialists will help you calculate prices for stationary partitions, and our technical department makes measurements both in Chisinau and outside the city.


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