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Aprons for the kitchen in Moldova

One of the most problematic parts in the kitchen is the wall or part of it located next to the work surface, the source of heat from the stove, splashes of grease and water, the ingress of chemicals, and steam. Traditionally, this problem was solved by finishing this wall with ceramic tiles, a durable and unpretentious material. But there is a much more elegant, at the same time practical and very reliable way for an apron - glass! As a material for finishing an apron, it has many advantages, such as hygiene, vapor resistance, moisture resistance, ease of cleaning, and of course, style and beauty!

You can order various methods of decoration, and various types of glass will allow you to create an original apron for any kitchen. You can buy painted glass, made of three-layer triplex glass, with an image printed inside, or perhaps even hide behind the glass a TV screen that is so popular in kitchens.

The kitchen apron, also called skinali, is made of tempered glass silt up to 8 millimeters thick. This thickness makes skinals highly durable and capable of withstanding various loads.

A glass apron can come to the rescue when you need to write down a recipe for a dish, or a note. Write down everything you want with a glass marker, and then easily erase everything with a regular dish sponge!

In order to find out the prices for skins, just contact our specialists, who will design any apron for you based on your wishes and kitchen requirements. We install aprons in Chisinau and outside the city.

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