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Spider facades in Moldova

The SPIDER type faсade system is definitely the pinnacle of façade glazing technology at the moment. Their main feature is the absence of a frame between the glass segments, and the fastening is carried out using special devices - spiders. The spider is a cross-shaped bracket made of high-strength steel, which simultaneously attaches several glass elements to each other. You can order these elements from tempered glass, or from a three-layer "triplex".
You can attach the spider system to your building in several ways, on a pre-prepared metal frame, on a system of special cables, on existing floor slabs, beams and columns.
The use of this technology gives virtually unlimited scope for imagination to designers and architects. The spider attachment system will allow you to get the effect of a large glass wall without seams, to create glass domes and atriums. Also, the spider systems perfectly hold the canopies and canopies together.
You can buy spiders of various types and sizes from us. Our experts will help you choose the model you need. This system requires a competent approach and understanding of the technical features. The engineers of our company carry out measurements and consultations in Chisinau and outside the city.


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