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Fences and ladders made of glass

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Glass fences and stairs in Moldova

Modern architectural and interior design trends suggest open areas, terraces or free indoor spaces. In the residential interior, these are terraces and balconies, in apartment buildings, these are stair flights and railings, in commercial buildings, these are transition zones between levels, which are staircases, escalators, and also elevators. Such areas must be necessarily fenced in order to ensure the safety of people there. In interiors corresponding to new trends in architecture, a new requirement is applied to partitions - to be visually light, not to obstruct the view opening from balconies and terraces, not creating a bulky impression of barriers inside the room and not cutting off the visual space. In this case, our company has an excellent solution for you - you can order glass partitions or fences!
A large selection of glass, as well as processing methods, an extensive range of fittings and painting of metal elements of fences in any color, gives you or your interior designer unlimited opportunities to implement ideas for the design of a room.
When designing such structures, many technical nuances and features are taken into account, therefore, before buying materials or accessories, we recommend that you contact our technical specialists who will make accurate measurements of your premises in Chisinau and outside the city.
Our sales managers will help you find out the prices for materials and installation.


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