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Fences and ladders made of glass

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Glass stairs in Moldova

Until recently, the image of a flight of stairs made of glass was something from the realm of fantasy or technologies of the future. We want to please you - the future has come and it is waiting for its application in your interior. This design is a sign of progress, prestige and success expressed in the space where you live or work.
Glass steps can appear fragile at first glance, unable to withstand heavy loads. However, this is not the case and the fears are unfounded. New technologies make it possible to create sturdy structures made of glass and metal, very strong and durable, which will not bend from heavy weight, unlike wooden ones.
The glass staircase can be made in a variety of configurations, from classic straight and angular to complex spiral ones. It all depends on the scope of your imagination. You can order the implementation of ideas of any complexity from us. The steps are made of three-layer glass - triplex, the price of which is calculated based on the shape and size.
From long use, glass steps "scuffle" for their maintenance, they must be polished regularly. Another solution would be to make steps from a special imitation "broken glass". Scratches on it will not be so noticeable.
You can get advice and technical assistance from our specialists before buying a glass staircase. Our engineers will take measurements in Chisinau and outside the city.


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