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Canopies and awnings made of glass

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From 10 000 MDL

From 10 000 MDL

From 10 000 MDL

Glass canopies and awnings in Moldova

Glass finds more and more new uses in modern architecture and interior design. It's time to look differently at glass as a protective material not only in vertical but also horizontal planes!
As part of the building facade, a glass canopy or canopy is not only an aesthetic addition, but also performs its functions no worse than canopies made of other materials. However, compared to metal, plastic and wood canopies, glass has several major advantages. One of them is the durability of the material, because glass does not rust, does not rot, mold does not form on it and dirt does not eat into it. The second advantage is its transparency and lightness for visual perception.
Our curved glass technology allows us to create glass canopies of a semicircular, curved and other interesting shape. We use only durable triplex - three-layer glass, so that the awnings are absolutely safe. You can choose the degree of transparency of the glass, its shade and other personality parameters for your canopy.
You can order a glass canopy even if it was not originally planned in the building project. Our structures are perfectly mounted not on any type of facade, but in combination with classical architecture, such a visor creates a stylish combination of glass and stone.
The canopy can be installed either directly on the wall using a cable system, or on lightweight but strong metal structures, independent from the building itself. Our experts will help you order a visor of the required type of design. Buying a glass canopy is a modern and pragmatic solution. Contact us to find out prices and get advice and order a specialist visit and measurements in Chisinau and outside the city.


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