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Rack-and-girder system in Moldova

This system today has become the simplest in technical terms, inexpensive in materials, while maintaining a high degree of reliability. It is fair to say that this is the best value for money. Facades with a transom-rack system are quite simple in terms of design. Vertical (posts) and horizontal (crossbars) metal beams in the connection form a frame that is the basis of the facade. In the cells of this frame, double-glazed windows are installed, fixed with clamps.
From above, the entire set of fasteners is covered with a decorative cover panel called a clip. It is this detail that is the element visible from the outside, and it is customary to decorate it to give color to the entire facade. Also, these clips can be used to install additional communication elements, such as light bulbs.
Before buying materials, it is important to know that the size of the section of the rack itself depends on the size of the span. Consider this fact when designing the facade.
Also, important information will be that the system of crossbars and racks does not allow the creation of inclined planes that are not conducive to effective moisture removal. Over time, the inclined girder-post structure will begin to leak.
If you want to order a system of transom-rack-type facades for your object, we suggest you contact our specialists and consultants who will design according to your requirements in Chisinau and outside the city.


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