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The mirror is the most important element of any hallway. It transforms the interior, visually increases the usable space. The mirror in the hallway is installed taking into account a number of factors. It is necessary to take into account the level of illumination, the dimensions of the structure and other factors. Little things don't happen. The mirror in the corridor and the hallway performs three functions at once: aesthetic, reflective and visual increase in area. In order for them to be combined in one product, you need to choose it correctly.

About the importance of all the nuances

First, select the appropriate shape of the product:

Vertical mirror. It visually raises the low ceiling, corrects the geometry of the space, expanding the walls. This option is good for hallways and corridors in the house, giving, having a square shape. In addition, you will see yourself in full growth.
Horizontal mirror in the hallway. Models look good in a niche or above wooden furniture (for example, a cabinet for shoes and accessories). Give preference to oval and rectangular designs.

Thickness matters. For hallways, mirror designs with an indicator of 6-8 millimeters are selected. If the thickness is greater, three disadvantages immediately arise:

the structure becomes heavier, which creates additional difficulties during installation;
reflective properties deteriorate;
the design takes up more space (there is a chance to hook it).

Illuminated mirrors are suitable for small dark hallways. Mirrors will fill the room with soft light, visually expand the space, hidden decorative LED lighting will create the feeling of a floating canvas.

Style is key

You can buy a large mirror in the hallway, find the right place for it, but it will still look like an alien element due to a style mismatch. The product should complement the interior, fit into it like a piece of a huge puzzle suitable for fasteners. Large wall mirrors, framed with patterns or ornaments, look chic in a classic interior. You can choose a round mirror design with a snow-white frame. A good option is a mirror in the hallway in a frame of golden tones made of metal. An artificially aged reflective canvas looks impressive. Simple, popular models with laconic edging are suitable for elegant and sophisticated modern or high-tech styles. If you have a minimalist design of the room, choose products without unnecessary patterns, ornaments, drawings, engravings. Their presence can immediately attract attention. Creating accents for a minimalist style is a serious mistake.

How to calculate the cost?

The price of the product is of secondary importance. When deciding to order a wall mirror in the hallway, first consider the factors above. Only then compare the cost of suitable models. The following factors influence the price:

The size. The larger the structure, the higher the cost.
Coating. Choice of amalgam or aluminium. The first option is better and more expensive. For example, an amalgam mirror has excellent reflective properties and has a longer service life.
The presence of processing and decor. Polishing, facet, grinding and highlighting increase the cost of the model. Decide which "chips" are relevant for the room, and which ones are superfluous.
The form. Classic options (square, oval and rectangle) are inexpensive.
Number and diameter of holes, depth of cutouts.
Construction thickness.

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