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100% mold and mildew resistant

10 years guarantee

12 years of enjoyment

Terrace board, or, as this material is commonly called in Europe, decking is an ideal material for covering terraces of country cottages and exploited roofs, floors on verandas and balconies, garden paths and spaces around indoor and outdoor pools, children's and playgrounds, coastal piers and berths, courtyards of elite restaurants and cafes.

HOLZDORF decking is produced in Ukraine, from wood and high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC - a mixture of table salt and ethylene) according to licensed Austrian technology on European equipment.

Most of the composite decking, presented in Ukraine, contains polyethylene as a polymer.

PVC, in comparison with polyethylene, has much better performance in such parameters as:

  • Environmental friendliness

    PVC is the only plastic in the world that professionals trust in the storage of donated blood, plasma, medicines. HOLZDORF board has been tested for toxicity and is certified.

  • Flammability

    PVC does not support self-combustion and is not a source of flame.

  • Persistence

    to the effects of ultraviolet radiation is 5 times higher than that of polyethylene.

  • Density

    the material is one and a half times higher than that of polyethylene, which leads to increased strength, rigidity and wear resistance of the board.


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